hey, I'm dr. painter!

I'm a dermatologist who wants to help you help allergic dogs and cats.



I never knew I would have so much fun...

I started this business in 2021 after seeing a real need for substantive continuing education for veterinarians [and pet owners...] around the topic of allergic skin and ear diseases affecting dogs and cats. My fire was lit to create something organized, easy to follow, unique, practical, and uplifting. You deserve it. 

I am convinced that veterinarians are unique.

We are hard-working, quirky, honest, people.

When I found my way to veterinary school at age 30, I knew I had found my people. We all shared in that grind of learning medicine for every species on the planet except humans. We all showed the humility required to find our strengths and see our weaknesses. We supported each other through the ups and downs of working around triumph and sadness, life and death.

We all have a badge of honor called our veterinary license. This symbolizes the hard work, determination, character, and connection we have all had to show in order to get where we are today. I honor this in you and in the collective that is our profession. 

My company was called The Allergic Dog...

But I knew I had more to offer.

Changing my name to Live, Learn, Vet encompasses all that I believe I have to offer you and our veterinary community. This business is one of the ways that I give back to my colleagues and my profession. I do this because I know you all appreciate it, use what I have to teach, and improve the lives of your patients because of it. There's no better feeling. 

I am proud to work with:

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Some fun facts about me...

▶︎ My favorite candy is Good & Plenty. The second runner-up is milk chocolate nonpareils from the local candy shop. Apparently, I am 80.  

▶︎ My Dad told me that if I could remember math as well as I could song lyrics, I would be a mathematical genius. I still do not do math in public, but I am more than able to sing any song from the 90s without hesitation. 

▶︎ I am obsessed with Shark Tank. I love watching creative people put themselves out there and pursue their goals. 

▶︎ I was told by a genetic professor that I was "bad at science" and ended up shifting my major to Philosophy because of it. Oddly, this was some of the best advice I have ever received. 

It is time to join me in the fun that is Live, Learn, Vet.

I promise that you will be so glad you did.

Medication Masters

8 hours of RACE-approved (#20-860439), pure medication goodness for allergic dogs. My signature course. 

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The Cat Course

This course helps make treating allergic cats easier and more organized. 8-hours of RACE-approved (#20-1036698) cat love! 

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Allergy Testing, etc

All about allergy testing and immunotherapy for dogs and cats. 6-hours RACE-approved (#20-1118926)

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Free stuff for your clinic!

This is a little collection of handouts that are a sample from my courses. Your pet owners will love them, and they are a nice update to what you probably have now! Good stuff!